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Dear Fans,
We wish we could respond to every email we get but, unfortunately, that is impossible. However, please know that we do READ each and every Feedback you send and take your comments into account in planning the next festival. please leave your comments at michiganelvisfest@gmail.com. We love you all!

The letters below are from you, the fans of the Michigan Elvisfest. Some letters have been edited for the sake of brevity and personal information removed for the privacy of the sender. Thanks to all of you!

I am so glad you had the Elvisfest this year. I have gone for the past 7 years and it is the HIGHLIGHT of my summer!!! I was talking to some ladies that I met last year and we all decided that it is like a reunion, as we get to see each other every year and catch up. I would have come the few years before but I lived in TN for 2 years. I sure missed the festival at that time. In 2006 when I came to the Elvisfest, I met 2 ladies from Jackson and we now always meet at the Elvisfest. They enjoy it as much as I do. I do go to Portage in October with these ladies so thank you for my new friends. I did miss Stephen Kabakos this year. He is my favorite. I missed Dwight Icenhower too. I will always come to the festival.You will always have my support.

Would like to see Walt Sanders perform (not sure if he has ever been asked) He is a VERY GOOD Elvis entertainer from my neck of the woods. Would also like to see Jesse Aaron perform and Matt Joyce......he was excellent, whne he performed in 2008 or 2009 Thank you in advance........can't wait for the 2011 Elvis Festival !!!!!!!!!

2010 was my sister and my 5th year comming to our favorite festival. This is now a tradition for us and several of our family members we always had a great time. Everyone from the festival staff to the wonderful performers are friendly and made us feel great all day. The crowd always has a great time. I am seeing people come back year after year. And see performers like Nick Gutierrez grow up and continue the wonderful tribute to Elvis. I do hope Quentin Flag, Duke Mason and Stephen Kabakos will come back they are realy great. Thanks for the good times. Kathy

Thank you for making My sister and my first Elvisfest an easy one. I appreciate all the handicap info. It makes things much easier when you know you can go and not have to worry.

I am so looking forward to this event I have been an Elvis Fan since I was little A LONG TIME AGO, LOL.

Being 53, it's nice to be able to go just be a kid for a little while.

I love the Elvisfest...My niece took me to it the first year and said we were having an "Aunt Bonnie Day". It was around my birthday and have been coming back ever since. Now that I've retired, I can come on both Friday and Saturday. I've got my grand nieces coming and they love Kavan. They also love to come to my house and look at all the Elvis mementos in my "Elvis Room". The King will always reign. Love it, Love it...Aunt Bonnie.

This was our first year and we didn't know what to expect - would it be tacky - NO! What a treat. The great thing is our 7 year-old daughter, Gracie, is the Elvis fan and we took her for her birthday. I think this locked the whole family in as die hard Elvis fans. Thanks so much and we'll be back next year.

Keep up the good work. My group enjoyed the Elvisfest, even more than last year and we are coming back, the reservations have already been made. Venders were also good. Food was delicious, plenty of restrooms, love the fact that you had a place to wash your hands when coming out of the portajohns.

This year was fabulous! it gets better and better every year. The support... for my brother (who needed handicap services) was outstanding. They treated him with much respect (and) it seemed couldn't do enough for him... He thanks you as well as I thank you for making this event available to everyone. It's the best. We are looking forward to next year. This was our 4th year of attendance. Keep up the good work in the name of the king!

Wow! What a spectacular time I had at the Fest! The ETAs were awesome!

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had this year at the Elvisfest. Everything was wonderful and so organized. I want to thank everyone who works so hard to make this festival such a great success.

We had a great time! My partner is origionally from Michigan and I am from Virginia. We first learned of the ElvisFest when we were living in Virginia. We moved up here in November of 2005, and my partner had been looking forward to this event since last summer. It was everything she hoped it would be. We couldn't pick any one favorite artist we loved them all! We will definately be in attendance next year... no doubt about that! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful day in the park. She will remember that day for a long time.

Fantastic!!!! Even better than the last couple of years!

I have been an Elvis fan, but my husband wasn't until we went to Memphis a couple years ago. He then agreed to go to your Elvisfest and now is even a much bigger fan. He's talking about coming to the fest another time. Maybe not next year, it is a 9 1/2 hr trip! But soon... We've told others about how the concert ran for 7 hours straight on Fri and nobody could believe it! It is absolutely worth going to! Thank you.

Astounding talent and great personalities for all of them! They did not play with your ticket money!

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