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Hope to see ya July 8 & 9, 2016


The Change of Habit Tribute Band
Chicago's newest Elvis Tribute Sensation

Change of Habit Tribute Band (Chicago, IL) www.cohtribute.com This very versatile group of musicians are so talented and passionate about the Tribute and Legends industry. They take great pride in tailoring each song to best represent the real concert experience. It is their challenge and goal to play the music behind each artist as close to the real arrangement as possible, bringing back the magic and memories of everyoneis favorite music. We have been extremely honored to have the COH band as our backup for the many tribute artists we have had over the past years, and look forward to seeing & hearing them play again.


LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Ronny Craig is an incredible performer & emcee. Ideal for the Elvis Tribute Shows. His stage presence, along with his mesmerizing voice, and knowledge of the world of the Elvis Tribute Artists makes him the perfect addition to the festival. Ronny spends part of his time as a variety entertainer, and divides up the rest of the year into his many venues all over the country. All this and he also produces the iElvis Explosioni, a highly popular contest in LaCrosse, WI in September.



Dwight Icenhower is considered to be one of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in the world today. He has mastered the 50's, 60's, and 70's eras of Elvis' career and has won a myriad of national Elvis awards.

Dwight Icenhower is recognized not only for his great personality on and off stage, but also for his amazing voice that has sometimes even been mistaken for Elvis Presley himself! He has performed with many of the original musicians who have worked with Elvis including: The Jordanaires, The Stamps Quartet, The Sweet Inspirations, Joe Gerchio, DJ Fontana and Duke Bardwell (just to name a few). He has taken home over 65 "First Place" awards in contests from all over the world; and in 2015, Dwight Icenhower became the only Elvis Tribute Artist in history to ever win four World Championship "First Place" titles consecutively during Elvis Week, in Memphis TN . This amazing journey has been a dream come true to Dwight, and he wishes to continue using his incredible talents to keep the memory of Elvis Presley alive for many more generations to come.


Worldwide Images of The King Champion, Ryan Pelton, is one of the top Elvis Tribute Artists in the World. From appearing on American Idol and singing with Celine Dion, to being the lead actor in the Hollywood Film, "The Identical", Ryan Pelton's look, sound, and charisma will exceed all your expectations!

Auburn, Maine

Robert Washington is a World Champion Elvis Tribute Artist. Once again he will take the stage and unleash his Elvis pipes like a 747 jet engine. Images of the King Champion, Robert is a multi-talented performer who knows the moves, the songs, and has that amazing singing voice that we all love to hear.


Ted Torres Martin is a multi-talented Actor, Singer, Songwriter, and Musician. His stage acting experience includes shows like "Biloxi Blues", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" just to name a few. His portrayal of the King of Rock N-Roll is one of the Top 5 Tributes in the world! Recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises and the top Elvis vocal stylist in the world. His vocals are the closest to Elvis you will ever hear!


The high-energy, Rock 'n' Roller Quentin Flagg, is a dynamic performer like no other! Quentin pays tribute to the 50's & 60's and gets you rockin' and ready to dance. "Q" is always learning new tunes to keep you guessing what song he is going to sing next. Quentin will be adding some new surprises for us this year, you won't want to miss it.


Matt King is one of the co-founders for our festival. He says: "My job as an Elvis tribute is basically a labour of love. It's the best job in the world, meeting new people and trying to spread the gospel of Elvis at the same time." Matt King is from Leslie, Michigan. He was only 14 years old when he began paying tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Matt has performed all over the country, including recreating Elvis' last concert in the same place where Elvis performed, in Rapid City, South Dakota. His favorite Elvis song is "My Way."


Colin Dexter, our youngest Elvis Tribute Artist, will return this year. His exposure to the "King" started with Elvis music played for him by his Nana, and he was hooked. He loves to perform in front of thousands of people who love Elvis as much as he does and sharing the stage with many other tribute artists that he has grown to admire and learn from is an added bonus for him. We welcome him back for 2016.


Chris Ayotte is an international award-winning Elvis Tribute Artist and celebrity impressionist. He has entertained for a variety of venues across the country with his distinct voice and fun-loving style of comedy. Chris is especially recognized for his vocal likeness to Elvis and for his ability to re-create the three decades of Elvis from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Those who have heard Chris call him "one of the best."


Leo has spent a lot of time perfecting Elvis' moves and the mannerisms which is very evident when watching one of Leo's shows. To add to his talents, he can also play the guitar and piano. Leo is one of the few ETA's that can accurately perform all three eras of Elvis. Whether it is the raw Elvis of the 50's the sexy 60's leather Elvis or the polished Vegas Elvis. He has every move, mannerism and the voice. Leo has performed thousands of shows including casinos, theaters, cruise ships, corporate events and festivals throughout the U.S. and internationally. Most recently for the past 6 years Leo has been working with the world renowned tribute show Legends in Concert at their various venues.



Bill Downey & Quentin Flagg will be doing an amazing tribute to The Blues Brothers, right down to the cartwheels, and rubber biskit.


What about this 'n' What about that 'n' What about THE WHATABOUTS?

Suzy, Kelly & Deb will be returning to the Michigan ElvisFest on Saturday, July 9th, ONLY.

They're back to perform your favorite songs from the 60s. Singing songs from Artists such as the Chiffons, the Shirelles and the Supremes, just to name a few.


Irv Cass will be performing his tribute to Tom Jones at the Michigan ElvisFest this year. Over the years Irv has been perfecting his performances as an Elvis Tribute Artist, Tom Jones Tribute Artist, and as a Master of Ceremonies. We are happy to have him back at the festival.


Robert Washington will also be doing his tribute to James Brown. He has captured the moves and sound of this famous iconic singer and perhaps added a few moves of his own.

Acts and performance schedules are subject to change.

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