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Hope to see ya at the 20th Annual Michigan ElvisFest
July 19 & 20th, 2019


The Change of Habit Tribute Band
Chicago's newest Elvis Tribute Sensation

Change of Habit Tribute Band (Chicago, IL) www.cohtribute.com The Change of Habit Tribute Band is one of only 2 Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. sanctioned bands in the world.They have been with the Michigan Elvisfest for almost the whole 20 years. They are an award winning, globally renowned tribute backing band, that specializes in Elvis Tributes as well as other tribute artists. They tour year round, all over the Country sharing their talents at Elvis Showcase Events They are the most seasoned and professional musicians in the industry, as well as being our friends. We are so appreciative that they will be with us for our special 20th Anniversary Elvisfest.


La Crosse, Wisconsin
Ronny is such a great Emcee for our Festival. He is not only multi-talented- He emcees, he sings, he produces other great shows in LaCross WI as well as in Branson MN. His soaring voice, his knowledge of the world of Elvis Tribute Artists, and his fun easy-going attitude make him our first choice always to emcee our festival. We look forward to having him join us for our 20th Anniversary Michigan Elvisfest.

Robert Washington
Auburn, Maine
Robert has been an amazing part of our Michigan ElvisFest for many years. He has won many Elvis Competitions in the USA. He has performed all over the Country, as well as England & Japan. He is known as one of the world's best ETA. Robert not only has the voice of Elvis, but the special charisma that Elvis had as well. We are honored to have Robert back to join us in our 20th Anniversary Michigan Elvisfest.

Chris Ayotte
Canton, MI
Chris is an International Award-Winning Elvis Tribute Artist. He has stirred audiences across the Country & Canada with his vocal likeness to the King of Rock n Roll. Chris has been singing since High School and has always admired the legendary entertainer for his amazing voice & God given talent.

Colin Dexter
Jackson, MI
Colin has been a great addition to the Michigan ElvisFest. Coming aboard only a few years ago and is already a great Elvis Tribute Artists. He has done many shows in many states, and wherever he goes he adds more fans. We are pleased to have him be a part of our 20th Anniversary show.

Doug Church (Friday Only)
Doug Church began his amazing career as a Elvis Tribute Artist when he was in the Air Force. He won may talent contests with his amazing rendition of the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley. Upon leaving the service he began winning contests including taking 1st place in the Worldwide Elvis Impersanators contest. He has the voice, and his special way of leaving his audiences totally mezmerized with his Tribute to Elvis Presley. Doug was at our very first Michigan ElvisFest in 2000, and keeps on getting better and better. We are very pleased to have him return in 2019.

David Allen
Frisco, Texas
Dubbed the "Prince of Rock 'n' Roll," David Allen has been performing his tribute to the "King of Rock 'n' Roll," Elvis Presley, since the year 2000. David has been ranked in theTop Ten in the World by Elvis Presley Enterprises since 2011.David has honed his craft of performing Elvis' 50's start-up career, his movie years, the '68 comeback special, and the concert years.David considers being an ETA an honor and a privilege. "We carry on a memory of someone that people looked up to and still do." From the hand gestures, to the quivering lip, to the swiveling hips, and of course the powerful voice, David rocks the socks off of his audience and keeps them begging for more.

Quentin Flagg
Knox, IN
The high-energy, 50's & 60's & More Rock 'n' Roller Quentin Flagg is ready to shake up the stage! Performing for almost 2 decades now, starting when he was fourteen years old, he has won many contests bringing back that raw feel of rock 'n' roll back in the 50's! As Quentin works harder to do what he loves, traveling and entertaining on stage, You will hear the songs of not only Elvis Presley, but some of the other fifties and sixties rock 'n' roll groups that you love! Get ready to Rock 'n' Roll and clap those hands as Quentin Flagg takes the stage!

Ted Torres Martin
Orlando, FL
Ted Torres Martin is a multi-talented actor/singer/songwriter/musician who has accomplished extensive touring around the world.This includes: USA,Germany,Austria,ItalyJapan,Norway,Singapore, Canada to name a few. He is the 2016 "Images Of The King" World CHAMPION Through his world renowned portrayal of Elvis on stage, He will bring back all the memories of the King. His goal is to always deliver to the fans through all his body of work. To keep doing what he loves. And hopefully, make new fans along the way! "This man puts on an unforgettable show. His portrayal is brilliant!"

Leo Days
Leo Days was one of the 1st ETA's we had at the beginning of the Michigan Elvisfest. We are very excited and appreciative that he will be at our 20th Anniversary Michigan ElvisFest. Leo became an avid fan of Elvis at the age of three.He has spent a lot of time perfecting Elvis' moves and the mannerisms which is very evident when watching one of Leo's shows.Leo is one of the few Elvis Tribute Artists that can accurately perform all three eras of Elvis. Whether it is the raw Elvis of the 50's the sexy 60's leather Elvis or the polished Vegas Elvis. He has every move, mannerism and the voice. Leo has performed at thousands of shows all over the world.

Matt King
Elvis Tribute Artist Matt King was born & raised in Dearborn, MI. He was inspired to become an Elvis Enertainer after performing Blue Suede Shoes at a high school dance. He has performed his tribute since 1992 and has won over 30 Elvis Tribute Contests, placed in over 50 and has qualified 3 years running, as a semifinalist in the ultimate Elvis Contest held in Graceland. He is rated one of the top 15 in the world by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Jake Slater
Bellaire, MI
Jake is a National and International award winning Elvis Tribute Artist that has performed all over Michigan, across the country, and as well as Canada. Jake performs all eras of Elvis's music, the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.

Capturing the voice, moves, style, facts, and complete aura of Elvis, and keeping his memory alive, Elvis Tribute Artist Jake Slater will simply captivate and take you back to a time when rock and roll was at its purest and most influential state. He will bring back memories for those who lived in the time of Elvis' career and make new memories for younger generations. We welcome Jake back to our 2019 festival.


Street-Corner (Friday Night Only)
Street-Corner has been performing nostalgic Oldies for over three decades. With their classy soulful style, the group performs some of your favorite Motown and Do Wop music. Please come see us on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at Elvisfest Michigan 2018.

T.J. Craven (Saturday Only)
Grand Blanc, MI
T.J. is a spectacular performer. He performs many different types of music, and they are all great! He has been with our festival 7 years now, and he has just gotten better and better. We look forward to having him back to perform for you again in 2019.

The Earth Angels (Saturday Only)
Buckle in, cruise back in time, and experience the magic of the '50s and '60s recreated by the Earth Angels. We are truly a high energy, finger-snapping, toe-tapping, feel good entertainment group. Our performances are a blend of nostalgia, charm, comedy, and authentic representation that appeals to audiences of all ages. They have performed on stage with entertainment giants such as Chubby Checker, The Contours, The Reflections, The Beach Boys, The Shangri Las, The Drifters, The Platters, The Miracles, and The Duke of Earl (Gene Chandler). We look forward to having them perform for us in 2019.

David Allen as Johnny Cash
David will recreate the sound and style of the great "Man in Black" Johnny Cash. His performance will take you back to the early 50's when Cash was just hitting the scene with his razor sound and his lightning fast guitar playing.

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